Boiler Service & Maintenance Plans

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We often overlook the need to have things covered and when we do it, it can sometimes turn out to be disappointing. Joining one of our tiered boiler service and maintenance plans can not only be reassuring in case of an emergency, but here are a few extra benefits of signing up which guarantee our boiler service and maintenance plans to be a wise choice if you live in Swansea. All our boiler service and maintenance plan customer benefit from:

  • 10% off on parts and labour not covered by the plan

  • Central Heating Efficiency check using Advanced Thermal Technology

  • Free access to expert office and technical support

  • Free Annual Gas Safety Certificate

  • Exclusive Admission in future promotional campaign

  • Local Friendly Service

  • High Standard and Tidy Workmanship

  • Affordable Competitive Price

  • Referral – 10% off when you refer a friend or family member

  • 10% off Power Flushing, to greatly improve your radiator’s efficiency

  • 5% oFf Boiler Installations


We have three tiers of boiler service and maintenance plan to choose from, so you can find a plan to suit you and your household. All plans include your annual boiler service cost, which is worth £75, and unlimited callouts. Click on each plan to find out more and sign up to protect your boiler today.

View our boiler service and maintenance plan terms and conditions.

Looking for a new boiler?

If you think you may in the market for a new boiler, then why not let us get you a quote? We offer 5% off all new boiler installations for our boiler service and maintenance plan subscribers, and boiler finance options (subject to status) to help you spread the cost of your new boiler. If you would like an outline quote for a new boiler and installation, please send as some details using the form below and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity:

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Boiler Service & Maintenance Plans - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When will my boiler be serviced?

A: If your boiler has not been serviced regularly then we’ll aim to service your boiler and carry out an initial assessment within the first 21 days of your plan being set up. If you regularly service your boiler we will keep to your current schedule.

Q. Are existing faults in the boiler or heating system covered?

A: No. Unfortunately, if a fault is found and your boiler is not working we would need to carry out the required repairs first before we can start the plan.

Q. Do I have to pay for parts and labour if my boiler breaks down?

A: You won’t have to pay for the call out to assess the problem with your boiler as call outs are included on all plans, however if a repair does need to be carried out on parts covered in your plan, you will need to pay the excess due depending on which level of cover you have with us.

Q. How many times can I call you if I have a problem?

A: As many times as you need, if you have problems or concerns with your boiler, radiators or heating system, depending on which type of boiler service and maintenance plan you are on.

Q. If I have a problem, how quickly will you get to me?

A: All boiler plan customers will have priority over non-boiler plan customers. Our policy is to respond as soon as possible, although in peak times and subject to adverse weather conditions we may be delayed. But we will always keep you informed, so you know when an engineer is on their way to you.

Q. Can I call any time of the day or weekends?

A: You can call us 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any calls out of hours are also monitored.

Q. What happens if my boiler can’t be repaired?

A: If we find your boiler is beyond economical repair, we will be able to quote you for a new boiler and apply 5% loyalty discount as an existing boiler plan member.

Q. My boiler is under warranty from the manufacturer. Do you offer a plan for me?

A: Yes. All of our boiler plans are appropriate for you.

Q. In the plan summaries you mention controls. What are they?

A: The controls included are programmers, thermostats, zone valves and pumps.

Q. Will you service and look after any boiler make or model?

A: Yes. Any domestic gas boiler of 35kw (120,000btu) or less.

Q. My boiler is over 10 years old. Can it be included in my boiler service and maintenance plan?

A: When we complete the first boiler service or assessment and check that all is well, and confirm that the parts are still available, it is likely it could be included.

Q. What does a gas boiler service include?

A: We will visually inspect your boiler for wear and tear, leaks, we will inspect the controls, remove inspect and clean the condense trap, inspect and clean (if necessary) the heat exchanger and replace seals (if required). Inspect and clean the gas burner. Carry out a boiler gas pressure check, check flue emissions levels and combustion. Check the safety devices are working. Carry out a gas leak test at your meter. Pressure test the expansion vessel and if required top up the pressure. If your system has a magnetic filter we will check and clean it, also if it has a header tank we will inspect it. For systems using LPG we will inspect the gas bottles or tank (if accessible). On a natural gas system, we will check the boiler is burning the correct amount of gas. Finally, our findings will be recorded on your service certificate.

Q. What type of heating fuel systems do you maintain?

A: The heating systems we work on are fuelled by natural gas or LPG.

Q. Can I change my plan at any time?

A: Yes, of course. Just call us on 01792 209407 and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. Are your engineers clean and tidy?

A: Our expert team of engineers are all very clean and tidy (their Mums make sure of that!). They don’t expect biscuits, but a hot drink in the cold months will always be appreciated.

Q. If you visit my home, will the engineers need access to anything else other than the boiler?

A: Yes. Your engineer may want to see your gas meter and hot water tank, if you have one, controls and radiators. So, if you can, please make sure they are able to get to them easily.

Have we answered your boiler service plan questions?

If not, please give us a call on 01792 209407 or email us at and we’ll be delighted to help. If you’re ready to sign-up to a boiler service and maintenance plan, then you can do so online or over the phone.