Annual Boiler Service Swansea

What is an annual boiler service?

If a boiler is to run as efficiently, smoothly and safely as possible, it requires an annual boiler service to keep all its components in good working order. Gas boilers will require a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer to carry out the annual boiler service and ensure that the hot water and heating are functioning at their best.

Is an annual boiler service necessary?

As a gas boiler runs the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if it isn’t in good working order, an annual boiler service is highly recommended to ensure the paramount safety of your home and your family. A boiler service will also prevent your boiler from breaking down which could cause heating and hot water problems should it happen. Not having an annual boiler service can invalidate your boiler’s warranty, so it always pays to keep your service record up to date.  

What does annual boiler service include?

A typical boiler services starts when your gas safe engineer gains access to the boiler by removing the casing. They will check to see that the correct pressure and flow is maintained and check the boiler flue and combustion to check that your boiler is burning the correct amount of gas and air. This identifies any danger of carbon monoxide. Fans, connections, deals and electrodes should all be checked and the condensate trap, which can become blocked with dust and debris should be cleaned.

How much does an annual boiler service cost?

A boiler service can cost between £70 - £90 depending on what your local plumber charges. You can spread the cost of your boiler service across monthly payments throughout the year when you purchase a boiler service plan.

How long does an annual boiler service take?

The service itself should take about an hour and a half. It may take longer if there are already problems with your boiler.

Finding annual boiler service near me

Finding a gas safe heating engineer in your local area is the first step in booking your annual boiler services. When you have found your local gas safe engineer, read their reviews on Checkatrade and if you are happy, give them a call. To book a boiler service Swansea with a reliable, recommended gas safe engineer simply call Gower Plumbing & Gas on 01792 209407 or complete the contact form below.

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