Why Power Flushing Your Central Heating Can Instantly Improve Energy Efficiency

Not many people are aware that a power flush of your heating system has huge benefits when it comes to the efficiency of your heating as well as cost savings.

So, what is  power flushing exactly?  The heating engineers at Gower Plumbing & Gas explain that a power flush is essentially a deep clean that works to remove any debris, rust and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system, restoring the full circulation of water and improving the output of your boiler and radiators.

If left to build up without a deep clean, contaminants can slowly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system and even lead to an eventual breakdown.

What does power flushing involve?

One of our qualified heating engineers will clean out  your central heating system with our very own power flush machine that uses high flow and low pressure to circulate high strength cleansing chemicals that are designed to descale, inhibit corrosion and break up sludge.

By targeting contaminants like lime scale, sludge and rust along with any other debris, a power flush means that the water in the central heating system can circulate freely without blockages.

It’s also a good idea to run a central heating power flush if you are installing a boiler without upgrading your whole system. A power flush will prevent any old contaminants from damaging the pipework of your new boiler.

Benefits of power flushing

In addition to increased energy efficiency, there are many other benefits when it comes to power flushing your central heating system. These include increasing the lifespan of the system, reducing the risks of breakdown and eliminating noisy kittling from the system too. You will also have peace of mind in the knowledge that, no matter how old your system may be, it will be working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We must advise though that a power flushing may not be the solution for all central heating problems. If you experience faults such as cold patches on your radiators or find they are slow to heat up, discoloured water when the radiators are bled or cloudy tap water, then it’s best to seek the advice of a professional heating engineering company like Gower Plumbing and Gas.

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