How To Look After Your Boiler This Spring

As Spring is now in full swing, many of us will be looking at carrying out the annual Spring clean in our homes in preparation of the summer months.  But how many of us will ignore the fact that our boiler also needs to be looked after too?  It’s been working hard to keep us warm all winter and we still may need to switch on the heating during the Spring months. To make sure your boiler gets the same level of TLC as the rest of your home, we’ve come up with some tips on how to look after your boiler this spring.

Just like your car, because your boiler is running without a problem, there’s no reason to carry out any maintenance on it.  So, rather than wait until something does go wrong, which could cost you a small fortune if you don’t have a boiler service and maintenance plan, it’s hugely beneficial to carry out some basic maintenance to keep your boiler running smoothly.


Leaks can happen at any time of the year.  During a cold winter, it’s not unusual for some householders to have their pipes freeze, so that when they eventually thaw, the pipes may not align correctly, resulting in leaks.

You should check the seals around the boiler to ensure that they are still in place, and check that the fittings are still tightly connected. Keeping an eye out for drips is also a good idea, and even if the drip is very small, it should be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem.

Another way to detect if there are any leaks is to check the boiler pressure. If you have noticed it dropping, there could be a leak in one of the relief valves that needs attention.


Boilers can often make some strange noises, especially when the heating starts filling up. If the noise your boiler makes starts to change or if you hear your boiler making a bubbling sound it could be a sign there’s a problem. Just like your other household appliances boilers can also experience a build-up of limescale within the unit.

If you hear any sort of bubbling noise, it’s best to call out a professional boiler engineer to check out the boiler and make sure there are no serious issues that need dealing with.


As well as leaks, you could end up having to deal with blockages if you don’t pay close enough attention to your boiler.

If you are still switching on your central heating, then you should be able to identify any blockages pretty quickly.  If the radiators aren’t warming up correctly or if there are cold spots, then there’s a good chance there are blockages in the system.

Like leaks, it’s important to deal with blockages as soon as possible to avoid damage to the workings of your boiler and your central heating, too.  It may be helpful to carry out a Power Flush of the system during the summer to ensure that it’s all in working order for next winter.


The experienced engineering team at Gower Plumbing & Gas specialises in boiler installation and maintenance and can also offer a comprehensive Power Flush of your central heating system.

And these services don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  We have recently launched a choice of affordable boiler maintenance plans which start from just £10.99 a month.

To find out more, please call us today on 01792 209407 or visit the Boiler Service & Maintenance Plan section on our website.